Wipe the Slate Clean!

Recently I had the pleasure of visiting Dekalb’s infamous International Farmers’ Market. The selections there were amazing as usual, but for once, I arrived there with a little bit of extra pocket change! After giving my sistafriend Mia (yes, THE Mia, of THE Cindy Faye jewelry line… check her out here) a tour of the place, and completing all of our #healthiswealth shopping, I wandered into the wine section, thinking that it would be a good idea to have a bottle of wine on hand for the new place (exciting stuff). We looked over a few, but one caught my eye…. Clean Slate Riesling Their website refers to it as the “Uberfresh German Riesling.” Truthfully, I couldn’t agree with this phrase more. It’s light in body and with just the right amount of sweetness…

Toasts & Tastes - Clean Slate Riesling

And best of all… The price is right.

Pick this up at the Dekalb International Farmers Market for less than $14/bottle. Seriously, looking to be impressive at your next dinner party without breaking the bank? This Riesling is exactly what you’re looking for.