The Scarlet Spot Treatment

The Scarlet Spot Treatment

While enjoying some holiday festivities. I was presented with the opportunity to try a dessert wine entitled “Red head …” A dry red blend with creme brûlée from the vineyards of Franklin Hill.

Upon surveying the bottle, I noticed the label depicted a young lady – a red head, of course, with artistically inspired red streaks and heart shaped glasses on a solid black backdrop. This gave it an early 80’s rock inspired look. (Like a wine made for Cyndi Lauper.)

So once dinner was served, I noted that all of the main course options were seafood-based dishes such as crab cakes, shrimp and pasta, etc. Despite all of the seafood dishes, I still could not resist trying the “Red Head” wine positioned strategically at the end of the counter. Before I reached for my glass, I heard a voice as if it was the voice of Dionysus (The Greek god of wine) saying “not to drink red wine while eating white meat.”

Like most mortals I went against the voice of reason. While enjoying a good meal, wine and company. I went to get up for dessert and noticed a huge grease stain on my pants – In a location that made me the center of conversation and attention, no less.

So kids, the moral of the story is this: Don’t upset the wine god by eating white meat or seafood and drinking red wine. You know the rules.

Flask Gordon
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