The Amazing Adventures of Super Chick and her SideKick Saucy Rossi.

Going off the notion of positive reinforcement,  my drinking patna and I celebrated the fact that it was happy hour somewhere in the world. So we hoped in the Corrolla Deville and sought out to find a celebration worthy of  our indulgence. Dedicating 15 min to riding around aimlessly then a light bulb went off and it said “Low Fuel” . With our new found knowledge we knew we  had to make a decision that would be cost efficient and cause worthy.

With time being on our side, gas needle being on E and  our pockets being on life support. We decided to take the common cents consumer route we went to the national sponsors of heartfelt chicken. highly respected and well loved by saints and sinners  ” Church’s Chicken” where even bad chicken gets a new shot at life.   So we picked up a 10 pcs with no sides and jug of the finest wine East of the Pacific Ocean Carlos Rossi “Rhine” .

At first this idea seemed ingenious, grade D chicken, grade A wine and saved MoNey. Sounded like a DAMN good time.  A hungry stomach and a starving wallet sometime don’t make the right decisions but it all sounded good let the” Rossi” tell it.  In all actuality the night ended up with me having  long warm embrace with the  porcelain princess. Till this day I still blame the chicken cause the “Rossi” has only brought me good time and great wine.