Sidebar Conversation Pt 1


Now don’t get me wrong whenever your invited by a friend or loved one to any type of social gathering. The main objective is to fellowship and spend quality time with those individuals. For the rest of us that may have been  forced or blackballed into accompanying someone, one of the first things that I ask after the key essentials who,what, when, where WHY????  The next question is “are they gonna have some alcohol there”?  I know, I know that’s a tough position to take but at least its a better solution than stonewalling the entire event.

Many people deal with in-laws, best friends, friends from work interactions differently but this sequence of events is typically  how I deal with it.

Step 1 The Introduction-

Protagonist- Hi, I’m (Name Here) your spouse has told me so much about you =(Oh hello, your the person your spouse can’t stop talking about . Whooppy)

Antagonist- Oh really, that’s cool. Thank you for the invite.= (Already with the BS. You don’t know me enough to even lie straight. How does it feel to have a complete stranger in your house.)

Protagonist- No problem at all. Hey let me show you around and introduce you to everyone.= (You weren’t invited but your spouse was but since your here. Let’s  see how everyone else thinks about you and see how well off I am in life.)

Antagonist- Cool. = It’s going to be a long night.

Step 2 Dog and Pony Show-

Protagonist – Well this is my humble abode, on the right is the dinning room on the left is the kitchen. To your far left is the den and over to the middle is the living room. If you were wondering where the bathrooms are they’re further down the hall. Oh and all the bed rooms are upstairs plus the basement are down those steps = (This is my pride and joy this house summarizes all that I work for. Yep, if you look to the left I’m ballin, to the right I’m ballin. To the far left “you aint even seeing me right now, oh yeah in the middle I’m just styling on ya. Oh I got more, If you get lost use the bathroom as a landmark. Next time you stop by I’ll show you the rest of the house.)

Antagonist- You have beautiful home = (Got damn! these folks ballin. They got a room for everyday of the week.)

Protagonist- Why thank you. = (I know you hatin .)