Shawty Swinged My Way

The day started off like a typical day would I guess, after finishing work I punched the clock. I hit the neighborhood chicken wing spot for some southern fried cuisine. While waiting on my meal to be prepared I watched the Saturday night college football game on the big screen TV. My iphone began to ring in was a young lady that I met a couple of weeks earlier at a networking event. She informed me that she’s in my part of town and had no interest in going home early. So we arranged to meet up later on that night. She was new in town, so I knew exactly where I wanted to take her. My favorite duck off space in East Atlanta the El Bar located in the basement of El Azteca on Ponnce De Leon Ave.

Upon arrival, we parked by the Bank of America and crossed the busy intersection. As we walked past El Azteca heading towards the basement. We were greeted by the ever so pleasant bouncer and cash collector as we proceeded to enter the bar. I could tell by the eyes of the new comer that this was not a typical hole in the wall establishment. The crowd was moderately buzzed and growing in numbers. So we made our way to the bar, knowing I had to welcome her to Atlanta. I ordered two rounds of “A Shawty” which is 1 shot of tequila or whiskey chased with a miniature Coors light. It’s the only way to welcome a newcomer to these neck of the woods. So after a few rounds were fired down the hole.The night slowly turned into the greatest night at the El Bar.

While at the bar, I ran into some buddies of mine who was there to have a great time just like we were.The house DJ was bringing nothing but good news and good vibes as he informed the ever growing crowd that Hip-Hop royalty music producers Young Guru and 9th Wonder was arriving shortly to bless the crowd with their talents on the 1’s and 2’s. As the crowd began to get a little bit anxious the two DJ’s took the stage and unleashed melodic musical masterpiece. The music only enhanced the euphoric sensation created by the young lady that had accompanied me and barrage of shawty’s that I’ve down throughout the night.

I must admit, the night climaxed for me when 9th Wonder played Mos Def smash hit “Miss Phat Booty” the bar went crazy and so did my date good times my friend, good times.That night a hole in the wall club found a spot in my heart forever.