My Posse on Broadway

Oh this is my favorite time of year its Homecoming !!!! Even though we’re 10 years removed from graduation my sorority sister and I are just as close as we were in undergrad. When have changed in shape and sizes but the love for one another has not subsided at all. So everytime around this time of year we all get a hotel room about 15 min away from our Alma Mater.  We spend the weekend enjoying each others company and attending the school related activities. For just a small moment of time we forget about the lives awaiting us on Monday morning and focusing on the moments of endless bliss. For some more than others.

As we all corralled about our sorority shield on the greek walk, we sang our songs of allegiance and loyalty. While stepping in sequence to the hymns echoing off the dormitory walls. These are the times we say we will never forget, how can we  it’s the  sisterhood that bring us together this same time every year. As the crowd began to swell more and more people join us in unison we have sorority sisters that date back 30 years to newbies singing and stepping with us. It was at that very moment I wish time would sit back and enjoy the view while allowing us to do this forever.  The scene is hard to describe it an orgasmic explosion of your five senses. The envy is we all the student file out their dormitory in droves wanting to see us perform its breath taking.

This continues on for another 30 minutes before the crowd dissipates and the night begins to fall. We pile up in my SUV and head back to our hotel. We laugh and joke about previous lovers and hair styles, the common theme was they both come and go. One of my soros came out the kitchenette with several glasses of what looked like orange juice but after a couple of rounds of  orange drink I understood this wasn’t no ordinary ordinary orange juice. I asked her was this a mimosa? She kindly responded ‘kinda sorta.” Then she began to tell me that she made this drink especially for us to enjoy. “This is for my posse!” she says while grinning from ear to ear.


1 oz. Vodka
2 oz. Orange Juice
1 Jug of Carlos Rossi Rhine

In a highball glass filled with crushed ice add the vodka and orange juice and stir. Then add the Carlos Rossi to sweeten the taste .