Hot Shot!!! part oooooh

One question, How can you call it a cook out if all the food is cooked indoors?

That’s neither here nor there. A couple month we were invited to a cook out to enjoy the company of some good people and great spirits. There was a wide range of alcoholic beverages at the cook out which I later found out to be a direct representation of the guest invited. As the night went so did the personality of the drinkers our Evan Williams drinkers began to speak about the high’s and lows of life, the Ciroc drinks began to talk of elaborate tales of wealth and debauchery, the arbor mist folks held their red cups in grandiose fashion and 1800 Blueberry margarita sippers kept their cool as the night unfolded.

Just like any social gathering coupled with alcohol the conversations escalated and the random act of wildness began.
During these act we witness a simple game of name that tune turn into a live show of who’s line is it anyway. On the side of the room a game of spades started off friendly but eventually became a scene for playing the dozens. We even witnessed one of the party host(s) greco roman style wrestling one of the party guest it got out hand fairly quick.

While all this was going on I was offered a shot of Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey. The first shot was alarming, the second was pretty good I must admit. Not knowing the potency of the whiskey nor measuring the amount of the shot in red party cup. Made even all the wildness going around me seem rather mild. In other words if your night is a little crazy try a shot of Fireball whiskey it brings you back to reality.