Friendly Fire


So one day I was hanging out with one of my drankin patnaz, who happens to be a fireman. On this particular day, he had just finished up the academy a few weeks prior and had a few of the city’s bravest over  to celebrate and commemorate the daily struggles of an underpaid and over worked fireman. Honestly, the way the conversations started it sounded like the typical water cooler conversation you know: who slept with who, which captain has the hottest body, which cadet was a complete brown-noser, and so on. The way the conversation ended changed the way I viewed fire fighters forever and gave me a new found respect for the “City’s Bravest.”

I never had too many dealings with the fire department except for that one time in undergrad – but if you haven’t had a fire department story from undergrad, it’s never too late…. To go back to school!!! On a serious note, drinks were plentiful: Red berry Ivanabitch,  Jack Daniels Honey,  Silver Patron, beers by the cases and several other top shelf liquors that currently slip my mind. After several rounds were downed the guys started talking about some of the wild things they’ve seen on a daily bases from getting cats out of tress to finding a fat man dead on a toilet – no no no it wasn’t an Elvis sighting just an unfortunate soul that nature called home… get it?! I couldn’t help it. One firefighter informed me that if there’s a life or death situation, call 911 and tell them your house is on fire. He went on to say that dispatched fire responses come with paramedics. The response time is cut in half due to the fact that most firefighters are trained paramedics.  So they’re always connected at the hip; opposed to calling just the paramedics because they get a lot of calls that are bogus and they hesitate to respond. Cause they want to make sure that your situation is a critical one before they send the cavalry out.

And some people say that alcohol only brings out the bad side of people!