Drinking on Budget (Payday Edition)

If you just got paid and its Friday night. We suggest taking a few notes from the article below.

The  issue with trying to save money on Alcohol… it’s a recession proof product. This means the chance and occasion for major bargains on your favorite cocktail are pretty much nonexistent. But don’t you worry, there are still ways to lower that booze bill… I have gathered a list of more useful methods to help you save money on alcohol while still ballin on a budget.

1. PREDRINK – Unless you don’t know how to pace yourself once you get to the bar, predrinking is a method preferred by any accomplished baller on a budget.
2. BE INFORMED – Know the Bars. Know the specials. Take Advantage of the Happy Hours.
3. TIP YOUR BARTENDAR – Take care of your bartender and they SHOULD take care of you. First of all, pick one bartender and stick with them. The first drink you get, give them $20 dollars over the cost of the drink(s) and ask him for $10 in ones back. Then when he hands you the change grab the ones and tell him to keep the rest. This is MAJOR for bars with buckets/tip jars because they don’t know that you’re hooking them up and therefore you get nothing. Finally, everytime you get a drink make sure to fold 1 of the dollar bills up (so you can’t tell if its just one) and tip them. If you feel he’s really watching slip in 2 ones but otherwise this methodshould have you a new facebook friend in no time.
4. BUY DRAFT – Unless the tap is pouring stale beer, this is the cheaper method for the same beverage.
5. LONG ISLAND ICE TEAS – The Drink with the most alcohol content. If they don’t charge extra these are stellar choices to get that buzz on for less.

6. SPECIFY – Make sure to specify to the bartender that you want the house or wells rum/vodka – If you don’t, you run the risk of them picking a name brand on purpose so they can charge you more.
7. AVOID COVER CHARGES – is the bar really so cool you have to pay to get in so you can stand there and pay for drinks?
8. BREW YOUR OWN BEERwww.soyouwanna.com/site/syws/makebeer/makebeer.html
9. BREW YOUR OWN WINEwww.wikihow.com/Brew-Cheap-Wine
10. BUILD A KEGERATOR – Kegs are by far the cheapest method of purchasing beer (usually HALF the cost of bottle/can beer). Only problem is that they have to be consistently iced or they only last the night. Well this is no longer the case. Nothing says baller like a kegerator –www.micromatic.com/images/articles/76/aok_flv_stream.htm
11. HOST A DINNER AT YOUR PLACE – When people hear you’re providing free food and they should ask if they can bring anything. Tell them yes, alcohol. If everyone brings you a bottle of wine you just stocked the pantry!
12. BUY A CHARCOAL FILTER – make the o’ plastic bottle taste like topshelf =www.liquorsnob.com/archives/2005/09/gray_kangaroo_liquor_filter_re.php
13. SMUGGLE IN YOUR OWN BOOZEwww.rumrunnerflasks.com


Courtesy of Ballersonabudget.com