Drankin Patnaz


If Gin makes you sin, then Jack Daniels is a friend to the end. No this is not an inebriated nursery rhyme but more like a shot of reality. How many time have felt the need to soak your sorrows in a shot glass of sauce? If your answer is no, please leave the site nobody wants a parade pisser! Seriously, there’s been plenty of times I wanted to slide head first into to nearest dive bar but a voice of reason would chime in and say ” these are the first steps to 7 steps”. So in order to save face I would call my drankin patna who’s always down to dive into some swimming  pools with me.  If this term of endearment is foreign to you.  Allow me to explain to you who, what, when, where and how’s on a drankin patnaz dynamic.


OK ,first before we break this down this dynamic we said Drankin Patnaz not Drinking Buddies. This is no warm fuzzy satire about misplace love and well place beer. Again Drankin Patnaz not Drinking Partner(s) no auto tuned love story here folks!  This last call is  for the drinkers,  those proud guy and gals that will  travel to the ends of world to pull you out of your favorite watering pub.


Who: Some one who is almost always there when you need a drink.

What: A bond with person you can trust ,who you can count on to get just as drunk as you.

When: Hmmmm when you need a drink.

Where: Bars, dorm rooms, street corner, man caves, middlesex almost everywhere except a CAR.

How: You get a swimming pool full of liquor, then you dive in.