Dating Under the Influence

Some people say a drunk man speaks a sober mind. This maybe true, but what do you do if its not a man at all. What if it’s your girlfriend? This particular event was sponsored by the good people at Hpnotiq along with several other bottom shelf liquors that were in attendance. As you can tell by the choice of spirits this took place several seasons ago but bare with me as I tell you this invaluable story about dating under the influence.

So the young lady I was dating at the time was always harping on the fact that I never hung out with her friends and that it wasn’t fair that I always found ways for us to be around my friends. After several months of pointing this out I gave in and agreed to hang out with her friends. It was a Sunday evening, so in my head what’s the harm? What’s the worst thing that can happen on a Sunday evening, right? So we arrived at her friend’s house a little after 7pm, to my surprise the party of 15 were waiting our arrival. Everyone was excited that I finally decided to hangout with them, they prepared drinks and finger foods. So I begin to mingle with the guest at the party, several guests I met previously before this particular event.

The host stands up a gathers the attention of party-goers and asked “who all wanted to participate in a game of Have You Ever?” for those who are unfamiliar with this click this link( Have You Ever). So I figured that since I was more that likely the coolest guy in the room, that I would have the best stories so I would have to drink eventually . So as the party patrons volunteered I noticed that my date didn’t want to participate in this round.

So I wondered why now, would she not want to participate in this game? I mean its her friends, so what’s the problem.  So after a little coaxing she still didn’t want to play. So one of the party attendees accosted  my date in efforts to find out the reason why she was not a willing participate. I heard a voice from across the room state” She’s not playing cause her date here.” and the crowd erupted in laughter.

I was left in the dark about the reason for this sudden outbreak of laughter. Another guy pulled me to the side and explained that my date always has to drink during this game. In other words “you name it , she can claim it.”  I was in aww , here I arrived to the party with the life of the party and never knew it.  I was under the influence that she was an straight A student and volunteered at the old folks home when she had down time. I guess the only good grades she got was in getting down!