Black and Red Sipper aka Lady Bug


As I waited at the end of the bar, it seemed that everyone in this hole in the wall knew something that I didn’t. Now this isn’t my first blind date but it’s my first one via the internet. Only having posted dated pictures to go off of the reminics of a distinguished gentlemen ensnared me and got my out in this brisk winter weather and out of my warmth inducing loft on a Wednesday night. Let me make one thing clear I’m not thirsty or any other desperate housewive type casted cougar.  Please, my degrees read as a who’s who of academia I graduated at the top of my graduating class, I’m the prettiest in my sorority, I was the youngest woman to make partner in my firm and my family loves me but as I check my makeup on my smart phone. Why am I on a blind date? You must be blind not to want me… right?


The bartender shuffles down to the my end of the bar and says ” hey princess, the first round is on me.” Ha princess the only man to call me that is my daddy. Some may say I’m a Daddy’s girl, why not be my daddy has always treated me with the utmost respect.  Hmmm respect reminds me of Jeremy “My high school sweetheart” everyone thought we were the perfect couple. Homecoming King and Queen, you name it we won when it came to superlatives. Parts of me wonders maybe if I would have pushed him more in the classroom than in the bedroom maybe just maybe he would have had a high enough GPA for us both to go college together and he wouldn’t have had to take that stupid football scholarship to that school half way across the country. “Follow your heart” is what I told him. He followed it alright, right into the hands of that slut.


“Here you go Princess” says the bartender his voice derails my trip down memory lane. I take a glance at drink it was a deep red shade “the color of a Heartbreak” is what I said to myself . Before he made his way back towards the rest of the paying patrons, I asked “what kind of  drink was this?” he told me a “drink just for you.” “Nah, seriously what am I drinking?”  Your heartaches away he says with a slight smirk on his face.  I ignore his trivial banter and began to sip slowly, the gentle taste provided a sense of comfort while the fragrance smelt of past romances. I sipped once more basking in light but intoxicating warmth this mystery drink provides.

I began to remember a song by New Edition “N.E. Heartbreak” as I begin to sway and sing the chorus. I hear the bartender uncorking another bottle he says in a very modest tone “you like that don’t you?”  I smiled and muffled out “You think you know me huh” obviously underestimating the potency of this drink. “Yea, I know you in another time in a another place sweetheart” he says. I’ve been bartending before you were breastfed princess I know a broken heart when I see one and I have just the remedy. A couple of glasses of Barefoot Red Moscato “Black & Red Sipper” will get you over that hump.


Take some time out of your evening and buy a bottle of BareFoot Red Moscato, Cran-Raspberry Juice and Black Cherry Soda. Take a couple of sips and play this track a few times. Half a bottle Full throttle.