Satonya Baker of Remy Martin Cognac Shares Formula for Advertising Success

Miami native Satonya Baker is living the culmination of a life-long dream. The seasoned marketing expert who has deftly navigated the sometimes tumultuous marketing and promotion waters, returned to her hometown to manage a premium luxury spirit brand. Baker’s talents have landed her at the legendary house of Remy Martin Cognac where she manages an entire portfolio for the full Remy Martin Cognac line and Remy V brand.

But Baker isn’t putting on the brakes just yet. The energetic entrepreneur who began her professional journey booking, marketing and planning special events in Atlanta moved on to carve a niche for herself working her magic behind the scenes to ultimately establish her own business handling sales and marketing for the iconic Luke Records. The life-long dream part we mentioned — when Baker was a child she met and was inspired by renowned motivational speaker Les Brown. And now Baker’s career has segued into one of her most high profile to date; she will soon debut as cohost ofThe Jill Tracey Show — Love Life and the 411Rolling out spoke with the artful executive to get her take on advertising  dos and don’ts. –roz edward

What 3 tips would you give businesses trying to make smart decisions on how to maximize their advertising dollars?

Identify public relations opportunities that communicate your message through a story or event.  In doing so you receive press coverage that goes beyond placing an ad or radio spot.

Think of non-traditional ways to to generate awareness for your brand.  The possibilities are endless.  I’ve seen twitter handles stenilced onto curbs in parking lots!

Incorporate a social media and viral marketing campaign.  Your website is your mouthpiece 24/7.  Make sure it is user friendly and speaks directly to your core consumer.

What are some of the advantages of advertising?

Appeal and communicate directely to the heart, mind and emotions of your audience.

Create a demand for your product by generating brand awareness and/or increasing brand visibility

Generate sales!

What is the biggest mistake companies make when they advertise?

They don’t properly plan out a budget that spans across an integrated strategy.

They don’t conduct thorough research to ensure the respective advertising mediums reach their targeted audience.

What is the most useful lesson you’ve learned from a mentee or mentor?

Work hard, smart and delegate.

Who is your business role model?

I have a melting pot of influences that have taught me valuable lessons across the span of my career.  At each segue I feel have had the guidance and support to allow me to shine.

Is it more important to be the first to the marketplace with a product or to have a superior product in the marketplace?

By far it is more important to have a superior product in the market place. Timing is everything, but it is imporant to have the proper support to maintain a healthy brand.

How important is branding in your overall marketing strategy?

Branding is everything.  More importantly consistency with the brand message is key.

How are you using social media to brand your business or product?

To educate the consumer on the brand and keep him/her in the loop on new product launches, private events etc.

Finish this sentence: If you want the world to beat a path to your door …

That’s simple … Be ready when it opens!

Tip: Rolling Out

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