$5 Dollar roundtrip to Long Island

The day started off as normal as any Saturday would I guess. As the sun went down the need to get out and party began to push me towards the door. Before I hit the door I noticed a fresh pair of Nike Air Stab sitting in my brother’s closet that was begging to be introduced to the nightlife. So I grab them and called up one of my neighborhood buddies and went to the local sports bar that turns into dance club after 10pm.

As we entered the establishment the crowd was jumping and the drinks were flowing. That’s when I heard the DJ utter out the words that changed my entire night. “$5 dollar Long Island Ice Tea for the entire night” when I heard that announcement I asked my buddy “did I hear what I think I heard?” He responded yeah shawty! I reached down in my pocket a grabbed my last $20 dollars as I made my way to the bar. The way mind my broke down my spending was nothing short of a forensic accountant during tax time. When it all boiled down to it I knew once I heard that drink special for the night, no bartender was getting tipped tonight.

After the first drink, I was excited about the fact that I had enough to get 3 more drinks if I wanted too. The second drink my feet and knees began to bob to the beat of a different drum. Next thing I knew, I’m on the dance floor jigging and grooving. By the time the third drank was in the tank I was in the middle of the dance floor performing all the latest dance moves. A regular “Disco Stu” you might have called me, while grooving on the dance floor I was approached by this middle aged woman and she asked me for a dance and I was much obliged to grant her this one request. After a couple moment of dancing she whispered in my ear I have two co-workers and they never danced with a person of color. WHHHAAAAA! No prob so I’m in the middle of club dancing with 3 women.

So I’m parted the women to make it to the bar for my final drink…… So I stumble back to the middle of the club with the ladies I hmmmming Usher’s “I want to make love in this club” then I remember seeing my buddy in the distance. Then I was awoken by a loud bagging noise “SIR SIR SIR” I awoke in the men’s bathroom stall hugged up with the porcelain princess. I open the door and stumble into the arms of our city’s finest, who informed me that I had to leave cause the club was closed. Also did I have a ride home, I assured him that I did and walked out the bathroom to see my buddy outside the club sitting on the car. WOW !!! What a night!!!